Beginner’s Questions For Wax Sealing

Are you not familiar with wax seal? Here are the answers to the most basic questions beginner ask about it to help you start if you are interested in wax sealing.

What Is Exactly A Wax Seal?

This is a good start. You have to have a good understanding of what a wax seal exactly is before you go deeper into it.

Sealing wax is made from a wax material that can melt easily and hold impression when pressed down with a stamp. This wax then will cool down and harden. In the past, wax seals were used to secure letters. However, now, more types of waxes have emerged and the uses vary, too. Some people still use wax seals to seal off letters, but some other use wax seals simply for decoration.

What Are The Differences Between Wax Types?

There are different blends of waxes that you can choose. To put it simply, there are two types of blends that are most common, which are the traditional sealing wax and the flexible sealing wax.

The traditional sealing wax usually comes in a stick shape with a wick. It almost looks like a candle. This type of wax bland has a special shellac. This special shellac makes a traditional wax seal has the breakable effect when people tamper with it. Remember that this type of wax is not suitable for mailing because of this. The traditional wax seal is often found in black, red, and gold colors.

Meanwhile, the flexible sealing wax is the type of wax that mixes real wax and resin that makes the formula more flexible when pressed. Since it is more flexible, it also breaks less. The flexible sealing wax has a larger variety of colors as well as thicker consistency. This makes the flexible sealing wax easier to pour and control. Unlike the traditional sealing wax, the flexible blend is suitable for mailing and it can even be used on curved surfaces as well, like bottles. You can visit Kiasu Printing & Rubber Stamp Maker to view more wax seal products.

What Are The Wax Formats?

Other than the type of wax, you also have to be familiar with the wax format.

First, the glue gun sealing wax. This is one of the most familiar form of wax because it is convenient. Flexible sealing wax is more often found for this wax format. It is a wax that is easy and quick to use. If you want to save time and energy, this one is for you.

Next, the traditional wax sticks. As the name goes, it is made with the formula of a traditional wax. To melt this type of wax, you can’t use a glue gun. Instead, it is best to use this wax with open fire. This type of wax is more fluid than any other type of wax, however it solidifies really well when it is completely cooled down.

The third wax format is the sealing wax beads. These are shaped round and tiny. It can easily melt in wax spoon over an open flame. Wax beads can be flexible and also traditional. You have to make sure that you are getting the right type of wax as you buy it.

The last wax format is pre-made wax seals. If you want to save up more time, this is really good for you. A pre-made wax seal is pressed by hand and it has an adhesive backing. It is made from flexible sealing wax, so it is good for wedding invitations and packaging as well.

Which Type Of Wax Seal Should You Use?

Well, it depends on what purpose you are using it for.

If you are using a wax seal for wedding invitation, it is best ot use either flexible glue gun sealing wax or pre-made wax seal. They are the easiest to use and you can save up a lot of time as well.

For stationery and mailing, it is recommended to use flexible, glue gun sealing wax or self-adhesive wax seal for best results.

Meanwhile, if you are going to use wax seal for packaging, then you should just go for pre-made wax seal to preserve a consistent look for your brand. It is mess free and easy as well as quick.

On the other hand, for arts and crafts, it is better to use flexible sealing wax.

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