Tips on Planning Out the Printing of Your Wedding Invitation

Planning to work on your wedding invitation card and not knowing where to start from? Planning your own wedding invitation card can be quite difficult especially if you have a lot to learn about design and printing. But don’t worry, be in the dark no more, because here are the important tips for your wedding invitation that will guide you through it all from the very beginning to the end.

1. Find Inspirations

It is absolutely normal having absolutely no idea what kind of wedding invitation that you are going for. Luckily, it is much easier to find inspirations these days from the internet. You can try Pinterest or other sites that can provide you examples of beautiful wedding invitations. Of course, remember that the theme of your wedding invitation should match the theme of the wedding itself so that you can create a complete and cohesive look of everything.

2. Set Your Budgets

It is very important to decide on a budget and make decisions around it. You need to get the best of everything but you can’t overdo it either, so make sure that the printing decisions that you make don’t exceed the budget that you have or falling way below it. Get the best options possible within the allowed budget.

3. Wedding Invitation Style

Ideally, the style of the wedding invitation should match the wedding itself so it does not look separate. If designing is too much for you, then definitely consider hiring a graphic designer to work on your wedding invitation design. They can give you their insight as a professional so that the ideas that you have in mind can be translated better into the design.

4. Get the Sample

The stationer or printing service that you work with should send you the sample of the design that you choose in the full set including the envelope, backing card, belly bands, and everything essential for the entirety of the wedding invitation. That way, you can have a clear look at the quality of the wedding invitation that you will be getting.

5. Write and Proofread

There’s a basic copy for wedding invitations, but if you want to be more personal with it, of course, you need to write the copy on your own especially if your stationer or designer does not have an in-house copywriter. Don’t rush in doing this because it is important that you are giving the right information and creating the right impression. Also, never forget to proofread once you think you’re done with it. Do it twice, or even three times. Get the help of people to check it with you. To find out more, go to to learn more.

6. Consider Print Time

It is critical that you start working on your wedding invitation card as soon as possible as printing takes some time. You will have to send your wedding invitation card at least three months before the wedding, so you have to know when is the latest you can start considering the required printing time for the amount of wedding invitation that you send out.

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